Aches and Pains?

Try Remedial Massage by Kel

If you suffer from constant headaches, tight shoulders, lower back pain, muscle stiffness, restricted movement, sore legs or feet, aches in your hips, or just the aches and pains that affect all of us as we get older, try My Massage By Kel.

Practicing in Arana Hills, Kel is a qualified remedial massage therapist “guided by the principle of genuine kindness.”

Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs, drawing from modalities including Remedial, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish, Reflexology, Hot Stone. Cupping, (and even a touch of Reiki).

Why I take in only 4 to 5 clients a day @ My Massage By Kel

There are two reasons: You and me.
A one-hour massage, depending on your goals, is sometimes not quite long enough. So I always have an ample break between clients: if we need a few more minutes to complete the session it’s not a problem.
You’re never going to feel rushed.
And I need a break too.
To fully recharge.
So even if you’re my last client it still feels like you’re my first client of the day!
As one of my clients put it, it’s the difference between fast food and fine dining.

What to expect from a Remedial Massage @ My Massage By Kel

  1. You, the client, will write, show, and tell me which parts of your body hold your tensions, aches, pains, stiffness, and honestly share with me the goal for the session.
  2. I, the therapist, will ask you to do some movements to test what muscle groups might be causing your current condition.
  3. We will talk about the result of the tests and we will create a treatment plan which aims to give you relief or to “remedy” your current condition.
  4. With your consent and active involvement the Remedial Treatment may include soft and/or deep tissue manipulations, active/passive mobilisations, myofascial release, and other appropriate remedial massage techniques.
  5. After the treatment you will be assessed to check if the treatment plan and goals were successfully achieved.

What to expect from a Relaxation Massage @ My Massage By Kel

  1. You, the client, with your tired, stressed self make the time to come for a well-deserved pampering and TLC..
  2. I, the therapist, will congratulate and support you in having the most relaxing massage you can have.
  3. With your consent and chosen pressure, the massage will consists of flowing strokes, superficial tissue manipulations, gentle stretches, and other pain-free techniques to relax your mind and body.

My Massage By Kel is open Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 6pm. To make an appointment just phone or SMS 0426 251 183, or email

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